Disappointed But Not Discouraged

Needless to say, the failure of the ‘skinny repeal’ to Obamacare has many people threatening to ‘never vote Republican again’ or ‘vote against any incumbent’ in 2018. This is exactly what the Democrats are counting on.  Why do you think Senator Chuck Shumer and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi came out and congratulated the three Republican Senators, Collins, Murkowski and McCain who voted against the repeal?  They know by defeating the repeal people will say what is being said now ‘I will never vote Republican again’, ‘Republicans cannot govern’ and ‘I will vote for the Democrat’.   This way the Democrats can flip the House and maybe the Senate.

We have to remember while the Republicans are playing checkers, the Democrats are playing chess.  I am terribly disappointed that after 7 years of replacement talk, the Republicans had not worked on a replacement bill to vote on the first day of the new Congress.  I also know all of the Trump supporters are disappointed that the Republicans did not provide him with a repeal bill to sign.  But if the Trump supporters vote Democrat in 2018 or they stay home so the Democrats get the House, Trump will be impeached.  Pelosi has promised two things will be done within the first 10 hours after she is elected Speaker: (1) minimum wage will be raised to $15/hour and (2) a bill of impeachment will be voted on.

Let’s look locally.  Our two Senators from Georgia voted for the repeal. They did their part.  Our Congressman, Doug Collins, voted for the health care bill which was sent to the Senate. Why would we vote against them just because we are upset at 3 Senators? Unfortunately, we don’t get to vote for Senator Collins as she will not come up for election until 2020 and Senators Murkowski and McCain just get reelected so they have until 2022 before they stand for election again and we can’t vote on them unless we move to Alaska or Arizona.  If we wanted to cause them problems, we should contact people we know in Alaska and Arizona to see if they can start a recall petition so they would have to face election sooner rather than later.

Our anger drives us to want to vote against the Party, but its individuals in the Senate who cast the vote.  Those 3 senators killed the ‘skinny repeal’, not the Republican Party.  Don’t misunderstand me, I’m disappointed in the Republican leadership that they could not convince 1 Democrat Senator to vote for it.  It has been said that ‘when the Democrats are in charge, they govern and when the Republicans are in charge, they hold office’. If you want President Trump to be impeached then stay home in 2018 or vote for Democrats.  President Trump was not the favorite of all Republicans but many held their nose and voted for him which allowed him to be elected.  As voters we need to look at the record of our Republican office holders and support those who voted the right way.  And remember, don’t defeat local Republican candidates just because 3 Republican Senators sold us out.  The Democrats are counting on that anger against the Party instead of focused anger against those who caused the defeat.

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