Silence, Not Condemnation

The Democratic Left does not want to alienate their Hollywood friends.  So they chose silence as Kathy Griffin, Madonna, Mickey Rourke, Charlie Sheen and Johnny Depp speak of assassinating President Trump.  Not one leader of the Democratic Party, not Hillary, Bernie, Nancy, Chuck nor Barak, has said enough is enough.  They have not even sought to condemn that speech as not having respect for the office of President.

Can you imagine how this would have played out if Obama was still President?  The Democrats would have demanded that the Republicans disassociate themselves from similar remarks.  But because of the silence of the Democratic leadership, other Democrats have become embolden to suggest that people should ‘hunt Republicans’ and regret that Steve Scalise was not killed at baseball practice.

This election has allowed the truth about Left leaning Democrats to be made manifest.  The belief that Democrats loved America.  Shown to be untrue as they seek to destroy the fabric of our nation by trying to overthrow our government and its elected President. As they speak resistance, like an occupied country during World War II. The belief that Democrats wanted bi-partisan legislation. Shown to be untrue by their failure to participate in the legislative process.  The belief that Democrats wanted peaceful protests.  Shown to be untrue, as they support violent demonstrations. The belief that Democrats oppose assassination.  Shown to be untrue by their lack of condemnation of all the assassination talk.  The belief that Democrats support free speech.  Shown to be true only if the speech supports liberal policies, not conservative policies.

What does it say about our nation when for years we accepted the electoral process and we rallied around our President for the best interest of our nation and now we have a party who does not try to tamp down the retoric but encourages talk of killing opposition party members and assassinating our President?  Looks like Obama has succeeded in making us act like a third world nation and if the Democrats hate this country enough, we will be a third world nation.  When will a Democrat leader have the intestinal fortitude to love this country more than their party and speak out against this irresponsible rhetoric of assassination and violence?

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