R-E-S-P-E-C-T Where is it?

Obviously I will be showing my age here but when I grew up we started the school day with the Pledge of Allegiance; we learned to obey our teachers and police officers; if I got in trouble in school, I was in worse trouble at home; I was taught to respect my elders; to open the door for ladies and to say ‘Sir’ and ‘Mam’ when responding to questions or asking questions.  I was taught that I was as good as any person but not better than those who were not white.  In short, I was to respect all of God’s people.

I made an effort to communicate those values to my children and believed they would do the same to my grandchildren.  I believed it was my responsibility to pass respect on to the next generation and encourage them to do the same.

I noticed over the past several years that ‘respect’ was a word that was slipping away from college students and political leaders.  But I didn’t understand how bad it was until the 2016 election and its aftermath.  Older Americans wearing “Make America Great” hats being beaten and knocked down by young people just because they disagree with their belief.  Adults screaming down Congressmen at Town Hall Meetings and not letting them respond to their concerns.  Comedians who have always poked fun at our leaders, now accusing them of vile acts with their family and other leaders.  They exhibit no respect for the President or any Cabinet member.

We do not always agree with our governmental leaders but we were reminded that we need to respect the office.   What has happened to the ‘loyal opposition’?  I have not heard one leader of the Democratic party, nationally or state-wide speak up about ‘respecting the office’ and seeking cooperation with the new administration.  To the contrary, they speak of leading the resistance to the President, they encourage protects and riots, they don’t even condemn the violence which occurs.

It is this kind of rhetoric  we hear in other countries that are not as democratic as ours.  We are losing our greatness as a nation and becoming one of the herd.  We were the example of how a democratic nation handles a transfer of power, now we show the world what happens to a government when the people lose respect for our leaders and our fellow citizens.  We are becoming the disappointment to the world and not the envy we were.

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