Where Did My America Go?

What has happened to America?  It’s less than 6 months from the 2016 election and the Democrats still cannot accept the results.  They oppose everything President Trump brings forth.  The liberal professors at the colleges compare our President to Hitler and teach that in class.  The students need teddy bears and quiet spaces to relieve their fears.  They refuse to allow Conservative speakers to come on campus, they riot if they try and they intimidate the administration to cancel those who want to speak.  The media has nothing good to say about the President and they now are fawning over the Clinton daughter who at 37 was given a lifetime achievement award for humanitarian service by Variety magazine.

America used to be a place where free speech was defended. Where the President was respected, if not the individual, at least the office was respected. We elected an liberal African-American twice without riots and protests.  We didn’t insult his children.  We didn’t try to get people to not buy products of those who supported him.  Our conservative students didn’t try to stop liberal speakers from speaking on campus, there were no riots against the president and even though we hated many of his executive orders there were no calls for his assassination or his impeachment.  We worked to elect someone completely different from him and his philosophy.

President Obama tried in his eight years to make us like a third world country and not a world leading country.  The difference between us and them was when there was a change in Washington, it was a peaceful transition of power rather than the vanquished seeking to retake power by assassination or violent overthrow of the new  government.  Look at us now.  We have entertainers openly speaking of assassination of President Trump, offering money to those who would do it and some offering to do it themselves.  We have had riots throughout the country which have allowed many unemployed college students to earn $2500 per month by protesting.  Yet, where is the Democratic leadership?  They are encouraging the protesting and rioting.  They are not seeking to defend our democratic government.  They are party first, not America first.  They are trying to figure out how they can eliminate both President Trump and Vice President Pence so they can declare Hilary Clinton as President because she would be the only person who received presidential votes of the people.

I wake up each day looking for the America I knew.  Maybe our ‘America First’ President if given some time can turn this old ship of state back on a course that will allow us to be the nation we were founded to be, that Lighthouse on a hill which was the example to the world.  I  want my grandchildren to know the  America I knew.  I hope you feel the same.  God bless America.

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