Now The Task of Governing

Well, finally the 2016 Presidential election is over.  Seemed like it has lasted forever, but it was worth it.  Congratulations to Donald Trump and Mike Pence and all the local Trumpers and Trumpettes who worked very hard here in Union County to insure a Trump victory.

A gentleman I once knew said “Be careful what you pray for as you just might get it.”  We are going to have the first President in our history who was not a general or a politician.  Many of the religious leaders around the nation called the evangelicals to pray and to vote for what many felt was a ‘flawed’ candidate.  Isn’t it great that God does not have to work with only ‘perfect’ people.

Now we (all of us) must from this day on make sure that we pray for Donald Trump and Mike Pence everyday.  We have been given an opportunity to halt the decline of our nation, but President Trump is going to face opposition in his plans to get our nation back on its feet.  Make sure you add Donald Trump and Mike Pence to your prayer list daily.

God Bless Donald Trump and Mike Pence and God Bless America!

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